Friday, July 26, 2013

The End

July 17, 2013 Our 43rd month anniversary, turned out to be The End of our relationship instead of celebrating it. I never expected it. Oh yes, I've been expecting it to happened, but not that day.

Turning back a day ago, we had conversations about our forever. I even planned to make a movie which to let him show how i fell in love with him for the first time, or should i summarize it as, "our story" from December 17, 2009 to this present day. but I failed, cos we were fighting and fighting after we made such beautiful plans.

 But I continued after he broke up with me, I stopped communicating with him and gave him
"SPACE!" cos i thought thats what he wanted, I kept on checking my facebook to see if he's still there "married" with me. And yes, he's still there, so i continued with the plan.

But since I saw that he's online i rushed and didnt finish the video, instead i made it a trailer. When I was about to upload the vid on youtube, I searched for him, and I found nothing, meaning he blocked me. When I finished the upload, I tried to open my other deactivated facebook where he's added there. and I messaged him....

After I sent this message, and the link of the video. I tried to deactivate my old facebook where he's added there.

I tried to move on, its been a week after the break up after i promised him that ill move on. But it was never easy. It's true that it takes so much time to heal all wounds. My mama said that Ive been very "Clumsy" this days, maybe because, ive been out of my head this days, im still thinking of him. I never tell them what I feel, my friends thought that im into someone i know that i will never have. I call him sir chief. because he's my teacher in IT. but ive been saying to my self that i will try.

Now, I'm still into stalking him on facebook. But suddenly I saw this.

One of the most things that scares me.That he will love someone as much as I love him… Im so scared to death.

But maybe god is still planning the best love story for me. I just haven’t found him yet. Or maybe it’s sir chief well never know.

I’m still hoping that one day me and bryan will meet again, maybe in the future or the next life, or maybe never. But I will still love him, until I’m done loving him.

To Angiel Bryan Labides Abundo,

I know that you know what I am capable of doing, you knew that I am more that this, distance just keeps us apart. but think about what we’ve been through all the beautiful memories we’ve shared. I just hope you’re still thinking about that. Until we meet again! I love you, I always will and always have.

I’m sorry,

Anna Veronica Alvero

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hello Budoy ♥

Another sober night, and one lucky night...

I met, JR aka Dodong... From the wake of my bestfriend's nephew in Baseco near Pier 12...
He looks like, " Gerard Anderson" yea he looks like him... Mostly his killer smile! That I'm dying to see right after I left... ofcourse... Me and Jr stayed friend after the over night encounter with him.. NOTHING HAPPENED TO US. We just talked all night, and laugh all night.. he was a good company in some point... he makes me smile.. and oozing to kilig portion! nyaha!

He's worth remembering :)


Monday, January 28, 2013

The night of my life ♥

A night to remember....

Oh boy you inspire me...
You give me that invincible wings to make me fly all the way to cloud nine... 
As we both wake up in the morning, you gave me your open arm and kiss me gently...
You're my you... and I love you...

It all started where I first saw you in the bar... from that afternoon, I knew my heart beat fast and It felt good. I felt that zing every time I took a glimpse of you. On the process, i didn't knew you were interested on me... I played along and suddenly I knew i was feeling super for you... Something went so magical for the second time, and I fell from your trap. We went to petty fights (non lovers fight), even hate you for hurting me... Since you were my schoolmate, It was hard for me to see you every time you pass the hall, and every time you do, I start running and jumping. A little tensed, and scared; Anxiety maybe to the point I had to vomit.. One night, the most unexpected night came. The most beautiful night in my life... And then again, the night I was waiting for... You replied from my text, and met me... with my friends and your friends we jammed. It was amazing how that night went so smoothly... and happy... When you took my hand to hold and how you find a way just to kiss me! Oh i can still remember the scent of your mouth. "Feeling ko Gf mo ako nuon" cos you want me to hug you all the time, took care of you, hold you... As the night was over you decided to be with me, and I still remember everything from A-Z! We went off to sleep together, we embraced each others until the next day. how you kissed me every time you open your eyes... how i look at you during your sleep, and every time you caught me you smile... It was a dream come true. I never fail to thank god every second we we're together... Thank you for making it possible... I love you... I do... ^^

That was the most happiest night and day of my life. How I wish it would happened again... ♥

and I swear.. I'd do so much better....

Anna ♥

Friday, November 16, 2012

My november starts awful!

My 1st week to 3rd week of NOVEMBER...
Was awful! Disaster! Twisting/Confusing and Really really super duper UGLY!
  Yea. November was more a lot like BEER month for us. Enjoying stuff or what so ever. We we're able to have our own halloween party while attending the burial of our neighbor, plus playing BINGGO while we look like Crazy FREAKY people! haha! After that following nights came as what we called BEERPALICIOUS! We were always drunk each and every night. Some of my days went so SAD to me... I did had an affair with an.. you know.. :))) but still yea.. I ddnt last 3 days.. That was one of my beautiful mistake! I was the bad guy you know... the KABET word isn't my thing sooo.. I did not pursue! Thou id still wanted to continue that beautiful mistake, the MISTAKE word is still there, thou it was so beautiful. I even forgot to tell A* that, Relationship requires sacrifice, but it also requires EFFORT w/c I never seen in A*.. too sad I was the only one whoooosss,, naahh! Never mind AND for the record; A*'s one of my Twisting/Confusing in this Month! Errr!  Sooo anyway. The school thingy is okay but then again, TOXICITY is always there! =)))

Anyway.. catch for another blog next time :) LatsaLOVE! 

Ps. Here's my song for that person.. as always.. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That awkward moment...

 September 18,2012

When you're alone in the library and everyone was staring at you and hafta sit on one table...

When Someone sits w/ you and starting disinfecting the chair and the table...

When her 7 classmates sits with her.. oh!! with me!...

When They are noisy; and you were like... (pokerface)

Here's the story...

After classes, Me, my self and I decided to go to the library where I could study while waiting for the next subject. When I was finding a sit; everybody was like staring at me! and I was like (Watda?) When I saw that empty space; I went there and sit. And still everybody was still staring... like I wanna ask them (Wassaaup people?) but nah! I did not.... Few minutes later... when I was about to grab my notebook out of my bag... I noticed someone, and she's heading towards my space. But i didn't mind. I was staring her the whole time, I was expecting for (Can I sit?) but she did int! :))) So as my eyes was on her.. she was like getting an alcohol and started to wipe the chair and the table... Disinfection shit! after the doings... he sat down and started to be soooo messy.. I still cant take my eyes off her.. cos, as i was expecting as being obsereved lately, and she's that super clean in terms of HYGIENE! but then again I was wrong...! Her trash was every where in her bag! Papers, pencil trash, and dirty tissues.. eww! HAHA

few minutes later... someone new is approaching... A med tech student.. and sat on my space... she's the classmate of my sitmate! =))) they started to talk, and laugh soooooo loud!!! (AWKWARD) like everybody was staring again to me and I wanna say that " OOOO I DON'T KNOW THEM!!!" 

A minute later, another set of her CLASSMATES CAME!!!!! 6 of them, including the second one who came before them... all in all, they were 8!! They started to be so talkative!! When I was raising my brows, they started to say sorry... and then they left 2 by 2! HAHA! and find another place to be noisy!! and yea, that was a little bit annoying!!

I never expected that would happened for the last 30 minutes of my life... sooo devsting! if you know what i mean!

have a good night ahead. :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Childhood

This brings back my childhood memories...

Remembering that I have dedicated this song to my first love.. my neighbor "buboy manzo" Lol!

Anyway! that was one of my past.. Let's say a nightmare! over much?


anyway.. I love this song... just to let you know... :)

Cater to you...

I've never been greedy to anything... Most specially to my hubb's request. I love keeping him happy and satisfied to his requests (As any girl would do for the one they love). Althou sometimes it gets to the point that it is hard & complicated!buh yea! anything for him does make sense and since because we are far from each others so I really don't mind at all...

I love him!! So i'd support him whatever it is he wants me to do... or wants me to understand.... what he wants me to support him to.. I'm willing!

For my Fiance Angiel Bryan Labides Abundo... <3

I love you...