Friday, April 27, 2012

Borrowed Time .

After 1 year and 3 months of waiting, Me and my hubb (Bryan) have seen each others again; as he visits Manila. The feeling when the time you saw the one you love after a long time, seems that everything fall into place. The time i knew that Long distance isn't the hindrance for LOVE!

We've been together since 2009, and since that year, my love didn't fade, even thou, we were separated by distance, still the SPARK remains. I left our home town (Abuyog) in 2011 of january, for the reason that I had to pursue my studies. Many things happened during my absence to him... a lot of mistakes happened, the things that has already been forgiven.

We talked through it, and promise to our selves that no matter how hard it is to have an long distance relationship, we would be patient! and never betray/cheat!

I had 4 days to be with him... 4 days of taking care, touching him, kissing him, hugging him, and holding his hands.... Everything was just a BORROWED TIME w/c i never really want to end ...

He left manila April 15th 2012, 3:00 pm...

It wasn't enough ... but i thank god for giving us the chance to be w/ each others again ... :'(

to Angiel Bryan Labides Abundo... (Papa)

  You know how much I do love you... and how much i cherish our relationship! Thank you for the time you had spent me here... I am hoping that everything is fine between us; cos for me, It is !! Mahal kita... kahapon, bukas ngayon ! <3

See you soon.
Anna Veronica Alvero

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