Friday, November 16, 2012

My november starts awful!

My 1st week to 3rd week of NOVEMBER...
Was awful! Disaster! Twisting/Confusing and Really really super duper UGLY!
  Yea. November was more a lot like BEER month for us. Enjoying stuff or what so ever. We we're able to have our own halloween party while attending the burial of our neighbor, plus playing BINGGO while we look like Crazy FREAKY people! haha! After that following nights came as what we called BEERPALICIOUS! We were always drunk each and every night. Some of my days went so SAD to me... I did had an affair with an.. you know.. :))) but still yea.. I ddnt last 3 days.. That was one of my beautiful mistake! I was the bad guy you know... the KABET word isn't my thing sooo.. I did not pursue! Thou id still wanted to continue that beautiful mistake, the MISTAKE word is still there, thou it was so beautiful. I even forgot to tell A* that, Relationship requires sacrifice, but it also requires EFFORT w/c I never seen in A*.. too sad I was the only one whoooosss,, naahh! Never mind AND for the record; A*'s one of my Twisting/Confusing in this Month! Errr!  Sooo anyway. The school thingy is okay but then again, TOXICITY is always there! =)))

Anyway.. catch for another blog next time :) LatsaLOVE! 

Ps. Here's my song for that person.. as always.. :)

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