Friday, July 26, 2013

The End

July 17, 2013 Our 43rd month anniversary, turned out to be The End of our relationship instead of celebrating it. I never expected it. Oh yes, I've been expecting it to happened, but not that day.

Turning back a day ago, we had conversations about our forever. I even planned to make a movie which to let him show how i fell in love with him for the first time, or should i summarize it as, "our story" from December 17, 2009 to this present day. but I failed, cos we were fighting and fighting after we made such beautiful plans.

 But I continued after he broke up with me, I stopped communicating with him and gave him
"SPACE!" cos i thought thats what he wanted, I kept on checking my facebook to see if he's still there "married" with me. And yes, he's still there, so i continued with the plan.

But since I saw that he's online i rushed and didnt finish the video, instead i made it a trailer. When I was about to upload the vid on youtube, I searched for him, and I found nothing, meaning he blocked me. When I finished the upload, I tried to open my other deactivated facebook where he's added there. and I messaged him....

After I sent this message, and the link of the video. I tried to deactivate my old facebook where he's added there.

I tried to move on, its been a week after the break up after i promised him that ill move on. But it was never easy. It's true that it takes so much time to heal all wounds. My mama said that Ive been very "Clumsy" this days, maybe because, ive been out of my head this days, im still thinking of him. I never tell them what I feel, my friends thought that im into someone i know that i will never have. I call him sir chief. because he's my teacher in IT. but ive been saying to my self that i will try.

Now, I'm still into stalking him on facebook. But suddenly I saw this.

One of the most things that scares me.That he will love someone as much as I love him… Im so scared to death.

But maybe god is still planning the best love story for me. I just haven’t found him yet. Or maybe it’s sir chief well never know.

I’m still hoping that one day me and bryan will meet again, maybe in the future or the next life, or maybe never. But I will still love him, until I’m done loving him.

To Angiel Bryan Labides Abundo,

I know that you know what I am capable of doing, you knew that I am more that this, distance just keeps us apart. but think about what we’ve been through all the beautiful memories we’ve shared. I just hope you’re still thinking about that. Until we meet again! I love you, I always will and always have.

I’m sorry,

Anna Veronica Alvero

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